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How should I believe we will get our goods shifted safely?

Ans – We put all safety precautions and measures with proper technique, means, and knowledge into practice to handle virtually everything and avoid all kinds of damage, be it delicate crockery or heavy machinery.

How Can I Pay for Your Services?

Ans – Our clients can pay through cheque or cash according to their convenience.

In case any damage occurs to our goods in transit, how would you settle them?

Ans – If any unexpected mishap takes place, we will ensure quick settlement of claims of our clients from insurance company with whom we have long understanding and association.

I am little bit skeptical to shift my perishable items. How you are going to handle and manage the same?

Ans – We recommend our clients not to move food items and fast-perishable items like fruits, flowers, vegetables, Ghee, pickets, or anything that may spoil your valuables. To shift your perishable goods like dressing table, glass, crockery etc. we use sealed boxes, cargo roll sheet, and waterproof packaging materials.

I am worried to lift my heavy goods from our home. Could you help us?

Ans – Of course, we will start our service from your home itself. All you need to give us a notice at least 3 days before departure. We will conduct survey of your goods and make all necessary arrangements for packing, loading and unloading of your goods.

I have to relocate my households alone. Will somebody be there on vehicle to help me?

Ans – Obviously, we will send our vehicle with a driver and an assistant who can take care of your goods behind when you are on the move.